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Higher Learning Now is a discussion of the practical applications of technologies big and small, and how these technologies can be used to support the learning process in higher ed, corporate ed, community ed and where ever people learn. Meet us twice a month at the intersection of learning and technology and join the discussion!

About Your Hosts

As a trainer and performance improvement consultant, Robin spends her time helping individuals, teams and organizations “be better.” Previously working for over 25 years in training and HRD departments inside and outside of corporations, Robin currently teaches at Idaho State University, continues to consult part-time and pursue other interesting learning projects. and explore the use of technology to support learning.

  • Ben Meredith

Starting his distance and elearning journey as a professor when Netscape® 2.0 was the new browser on the block, Ben has been a part of online learning almost since its beginning. 14 years and several thousand students later, he consults to community colleges and universities on the development of online and distance education programs and student services.

  • Kevin Rocap


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