HLN #20: Distraction Free Writing Tools

by Robin Lindbeck on November 3, 2011

distraction-free writing





Create a Distraction-Free Writing Environment :

  • Text Editor
    • Notepad on Macintosh and PC
  •  Modifiy your word processor for a minimalistic format
    • MS Word 2003 and 2011 (pc): Under the View menu, select Fullscreen
    • MS Word 2007 (pc): Under the View menu, select View Fullscreen.In the upper, right corner, click on the View Options menu an select Allow Typing. (you can also use the View Options menu to select one page–which centers the page, and increase the font size.
  •  Specific Distraction Free writing tools


  • Internet “blocking” sites to help bolster your focus when willpower is not enough!


Other Resources Mentioned During the Show:


How can you use distraction-free writing to support learning?
Leave us a comment and let us know!


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