HLN 28: Using Facebook Advertising for Education?

by Robin Lindbeck on January 25, 2012


Facebook in Education has often focused on its social media aspect and social media in the educational process, but Facebook can also be used in “getting out the word” in the educational process through Facebook Advertising.
FB advertising is the small advertisements that one sees on the left hand side of the FB screen. These advertisements are customized, focused (on demographics and information the subscriber has given to FaceBook), and adjustable.


  • Step 1: Identify your goals
  • Step 2: Target the right people
  • Step 3: Design an Engaging Ad
  • Step 4: Manage your Budget
  • Step 5: Review and Improve

Examples of its use in Education and Training

  • Getting the word out
  • Reminders particular to specific employees
  • Reminders of training/events


Robin also mentioned the book The Numerati


How might you use Facebook Advertising to support learning?
Leave us a comment and let us know!

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